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A Tokoyami Fumikage & Dark Shadow
Appreciation Zine
Our theme is "Light vs Dark."This project will be gen (no shipping) and SFW (with canon-level violence/blood).
The main zine will be black & white and contain page art, comic, and fanfic.
Accompanying merchandise may be black & white or follow a limited color palette.

32 || she/her || gremlinI <3 Iida uwu
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Let's Start a RIOT (23-24) — Head • Organization • Socials • GFX • Layout • FPS
Wintertide (2023) — Finance • Prod • Shipping • Graphics
Boku no Calendar (2023) — Finance • Production • Shipping
BIAZ (2023) — Shipping Mod
TSUKUYOMI (22-23) — Head • FPS • GFX • Layout • Socials
The Kakashi Zine (2022) — Layout • Art
RE//DUX (22-23) — Head • Layout • Art
Vaporise (2022) — Art Mod
MHH Dragon Smash! (2022) — Merch
IidaTenBros (22-23) — Head • Socials • GFX • Layout • FPS

SOCIALS • GRAPHICS • DISCORD32 || she/her/they || cat mama
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TSUKUYOMI (22-23) — Graphics Assist • Socials Assist • Organization Assist
Tie Me Up: A BNHA Shibari Fanzine – Head • Finance • Shipping
RE//DUX — Head • GFX • Socials • Finance • Shipping
MHH Dragon Smash! — Head • Socials • Graphics • Finance • Shipping
CamStar Heroes (22-23) – Head • Finance • Shipping • Graphics
Hues of Green: Bolin Art Book (22-23) – Co-Head Mod
MHH Monster Smash! (2021) – Head • Graphics • Socials
Rhythm Roundup (2021) – Head Mod
IncuSho (2020) – Assistant Mod

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WRITING / BETA MOD32 || she/her || leprechaun
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Let's Start a RIOT (23-24) — Writing / Beta Mod • Organization
TSUKUYOMI: Tokoyami Zine (22-23) — Writing • Co-Org & Soc.
My Hero Halloween: SUBMERGED (2023) — Writing & Beta Mod
Tie Me Up (22-23) — Writing & Beta Mod
Gilded (22-23) — Writing & Beta Mod
RE//DUX (22-23) — Writing & Beta Mod
Nova Pulse (22-23) — Writing & Beta Mod
Cam Star Heroes (2022) — Beta Mod
My Hero Halloween: DRAGON SMASH! (2022) — Beta Mod



OCTOBER 30, 2022


DECEMBER 1, 2022


DECEMBER 31, 2022


JANUARY 4, 2023


FEBRUARY 4, 2023


FEBRUARY 10-11, 2023


FEBRUARY 18, 2023


FEBRUARY 25, 2023


FEBRUARY 25 — JUNE 24, 2023

CHECK-IN #1 – Outlines & Sketches Due

MARCH 25, 2023

CHECK-IN #2 – 25%-50% Progress Due

APRIL 29, 2023

CHECK-IN #3 – 50-90% Progress Due

MAY 27, 2023


JUNE 24, 2023


JULY 3, 2023


AUGUST 13, 2023





LEFTOVER SALES (tentative)










PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE APPLYING! THANK YOU!Writing, Page, and Merch applicants must be age 18 or older at the time of applying.To apply:
Please create a folder for your portfolio in Google Drive
with your chosen credit name in the Drive folder's name.
Be sure the permissions are set to be viewed by anyone with the link.Please submit only SFW examples in your portfolio -
blood / violence is okay, similar to canon-level.
Please do not include gore or sexual content.
Shipping is okay for the portfolio, but will not be included in the zine.
OCs are also welcome in your portfolio.
Your examples do not have to contain Tokoyami or Dark Shadow, but it is encouraged,
so that we can see how you represent them in your style! :)

At least one work sample must be BNHA.
Our applications will have a section for pitches. If you have ideas already,
we'd love to hear them! Pitches are not required for applying.
Contributors will fill in a pitch form after joining the Discord server.
Writers will be expected to write at least one fanfic.
Page artists will be expected to create at least one page of artwork.
Merch artists will be responsible for at minimum one piece of merchandise.
You may apply for multiple positions -
however, for the most part, applicants will only be chosen for one role.
There is the opportunity to apply for both page and merch.
If accepted for both, you would be required to complete
at least (1) page piece and (1) piece of merchandise.
If you are accepted for both, you do not have to accept both.
If you find your schedule to be full at the time of emailed acceptances,
you are of course free to choose which role suits you at the time.
If you are accepted and would potentially like to do more than one piece,
(ex: a page artist doing 2 separate pages),
you may discuss with the Mods during the pitching period.



  • Please submit 2-3 samples that best demonstrate your style of writing.

  • Each sample should be 1,000-3,000 words. All 3 samples combined should not exceed 6k words.

  • We will be judging samples based on characterization, grammar, punctuation, flow, and plot.

  • All samples must be 100% written by you. Previous zine works are allowed. If the zine isn't released yet, please ensure you have permission from your mods to share! We will not be sharing any applicants' links outside of the TSUKUYOMI Mod Team.



  • Please submit 3-6 samples of finished work that best represent your style & ability.

  • This project will be printed in Black & White. Please include at LEAST (1) sample of your work that is in black and white or greyscale. This can be with detailed linework like comic/manga or with full render.

  • We will judge pieces based on composition, color and/or value, understanding of form & depth, and anatomy.

  • Backgrounds are required, whether they are simple & decorative or environmental. At least one piece in your portfolio must have a detailed background.

  • If you would like to be considered for making a comic for the zine, please include AT LEAST one example of previous comic work, so we can judge how well you carry a plot, readability, style, and the layout of panels.

  • Both digital and traditional works are acceptable - however, traditional work must be scanned in high quality.



  • Please submit 3-6 samples of finished work that best represent your style & ability. A "set" can count as one piece (for example, if you have Iida, Deku, and Uraraka together in a sticker set - you can count that as 1 of your 3-6).

  • We will judge pieces based on composition, color and/or value, understanding of form & depth, and rendering.

  • The merchandise for this project will be required to follow a limited palette. This palette is up to the artist, not predetermined by the mods. Merch can also be done in black & white/greyscale. If you have samples of work using a limited palette, it is highly encouraged to include that in your portfolio.

  • We will consider more unique items during pitches, but if you have the desire to create a certain type of merchandise for the zine (enamel pins, acrylic charms, stickers, etc), it is encouraged to show work examples of those types of merch.

  • All examples do not need to be merch "items." Full illustrations/prints are encouraged.

  • Both digital and traditional works are acceptable - however, traditional work must be scanned in high quality.


Is this zine for charity or for profit?

  • This project will be for profit. Funds will first be used to fulfill all orders and cover full bundles for each contributor as compensation. Any leftover funds after that will be split evenly among the contributors.

What are the zine’s specs?

  • The zine size will be 5.5" width x 8.5" height. Templates will be provided for pages and spreads.

  • The zine book itself will be black and white. Merchandise will be limited color palette or black and white.

  • We are looking to create an at least 80-page book.

Why black & white?

  • Consider it a theme - the contrast will suit the subject well, and we hope to encourage very creative linework.

How many contributors will you invite?

  • We are looking to have a total of 30 contributors. How this is divided between page artists, writers, and merch artists is yet to be determined and may depend on responses to our interest check.

Can we draw other characters too?

  • Yes! Please do include Tokoyami's friends and mentors! If you want to create a "fan family" for him in your fic or illustration, please feel free. We do request that Tokoyami and/or Dark Shadow (yes it can focus on DS himself!) be the main focus of all pieces.

Will there be guest contributors?

  • Yes! The Mods have already decided on a few guest contributors and will take more suggestions via Interest Check. We do want to give more spots to applicants versus guests, however.

Will you email applicants regardless of acceptance?

  • Everyone will get an email response to the email address provided in their application, regardless of whether they are accepted as a contributor, accepted as a pinch hitter, or rejected from the project.

How will we submit files for check-ins and final submission?

  • Check-ins will be done by sharing Google Drive folder links in a google form, which will be provided to contributors at the beginning of each check-in. Please include your credit name in the file names & ensure share settings are set to “view by anyone with the link!”

  • Please put your name on your files :)

  • Please :')

Will there be an international store / will you ship internationally?

  • Yes! The only restrictions will be due to countries having closed off mail due to COVID-19 or other reasons. We will have a link to double-check if your country is included in these closures in our shop.

When can I share my work on social media?

  • Once leftover sales have begun, we will allow contributors to share their work in its entirety on social media. Before then, we request that you only share sneak peeks that show no more than 1/5 - 1/4 of your piece.

Can I sell my work at conventions or online?

  • We ask that you please wait until the zine is fully wrapped up to offer the work for sale. Once leftover sales are closed, feel free to sell your work anywhere you’d like! Merch artists will receive remaining stock of their items and can feel free to reproduce on their own.

Can we submit excerpts for the writer apps?

  • Absolutely! Please feel free to choose just a portion of an existing fic for an application piece. We do ask that you make sure it is cohesive as a stand-alone piece, so we can judge it based on plot/flow/clarity.

  • (Also please feel free to link to the full version in the doc in case we wanna read the rest for fun :3 But that's not required.)

Can application pieces contain manga spoilers or should those be avoided?

  • We're fine with spoilers in applications! You can mark them by putting "spoilers" in the file name, but that isn't necessary.

Do our applications need to contain pieces with detailed backgrounds?

  • We ask that page artists include at least one piece that shows a detailed/fully rendered background. The rest may be decorative or simple backgrounds.

Do we need a certain age to participate ?

  • We ask that all applicants be at least 18 years or older by February 18, 2023. Minors' applications will be rejected automatically. Thank you for your understanding!

I have a favourite written piece, but it has over 3,000 words. Can I still put it into the portfolio?

  • If there is a way you can take just a few scenes from it to fit the 1-2k, then that would be the best route. But if it's a piece you're very proud of and passionate about, it would be best to include it. We wanna see your best work, after all :) Just try to still aim for the total between all pieces to be around 6k.

Is it okay to put "x reader" works in our portfolios?

  • Please avoid "x reader", if possible! Thank you for understanding!

Can we include shipping works in our portfolios?

  • Your portfolios may include shipping. Please keep all samples SFW.

  • Please note that the zine itself will have no shipping.


Feel free to send a message via our socials!
Our DMs are always open.

Want to send an email?
Use the form below or send an email to
[email protected]

Stay tuned :D



These application guidelines are subject to change up until
the close of our Interest Check on December 31, 2022.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you apply!


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